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DREAMBOND® <Polyimide Binder for lithium ion Batteries>

DREAMBOND® is a binder for lithium-ion batteries. DREAMBOND® is particularly effective for silicon-based alloy for large-capacity batteries. DREAMBOND® is an excellent adhesive for copper foil and silicon alloy, and batteries using DREAMBOND® retain 90% of their electrical capacity even after 450 cycles of charging and discharging. DREAMBOND® has the potential to improve battery performance for a variety of electric devices ranging from electric vehicles to portable and tele-communication devices.



Rechargeable batteries for laptop computers and smart phones
Battery-assisted tools, consumer electrics
Hybrid and electric vehicle batteries

Notebook PC  EV


Capacity retention of lithium-ion battery made with DREAMBOND®

Capacity retention of lithium-ion battery

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