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  • Material Technologies

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Business Outline

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I.S.T – Industrial Summit Technology

Application Guidelines

Nothing can make you happier than turning what you like to do into your life’s work.
I.S.T is full of young people who think that way. For that reason, they can enjoy working even during hard times, and are all the more pleased upon completion of their work. They can create interest in anything, which leads to generation of flexible ideas. The aggregate energy of such people makes up the great force of I.S.T.

    Job types
  • Research and development
    People who majored in chemistry, polymer chemistry, mathematics, or physics, or who are specialists with rich experience in such fields. People who are strongly motivated by anything, and feel rewarded by the research and development of new things. People holding a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate are recruiting.
  • Facility development
    People who majored in machanical and/or electrical engineering, or who have experience with machine equipment, such as in design, manufacturing, sequencer programs, and/or maintenance for production facilities. People to be in charge of the development of manufacturing facilities and experimental equipment for I.S.T products.
Working conditions/Benefit packages
  • Working hours
    8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.(varies depending on factory/department)
  • Place of work
    Shiga, Hyogo, Gifu, Tokyo, overseas, etc.
  • Annual holidays
    110 days or more
  • Holidays
    May (Golden week holiday) / August (Bon holiday) / December (year-end and new year holidays) / Paid leave / Special leave
  • Bonus
    Twice a year (June/December)
  • Benefit packages
    Social insurance/Employee pension/Industrial injury insurance/Asset-building pension scheme/Medical examination/Bachelor’s dormitory/Commuting by car/Company group trips (on an irregular base)/Ski tour/English conversation classes (free), etc.
Human resource education program

I.S.T promotes upskilling approaches for our employees. We spare no effort in cultivating engineers with rich and acute sensitivity as well as good will and compassion, by not only utilizing the knowledge they have learned in school, but also developing the potential each of them holds beyond. Through this program, by sharing our employees' passions and thoughts toward working together, we hope that each of us will advance our own career by several.

  • Leadership development
    You can learn the elements required for being a leader (methods to demonstrate leadership, approaches to accomplish goals, fostering of subordinates, etc.) through training.
  • Career advancement
    This is a program to advance one's own career, with the aim of acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary as an employee in a department, and in a company. We offer opportunities to learn invaluable knowledge both inside and outside the company. We aim to improve employees’ abilities in all aspects, ranging from English conversation to technical contents and necessary knowledge for clerical work.

Recruitment Entry

For entry into an internship or company information session, contact us through Mynavi. (the website is in Japanese only)

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