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I.S.T – Industrial Summit Technology

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Our challenges always start here.

I.S.T is a research and development type corporation. We put one third of our human resources into research and/or technology development, and set out to develop world firsts through our flexible ideas, passion, youth, and actions. Since the company’s foundation, we have verified our development through findings. We have developed new materials using joint technology for materials that previously could not be chemically combined, as well as the technology of heating only specific materials among composite materials to a high temperature. We continue to utilize numerous next-generation themes through joint research with universities and institutions in Japan and abroad, as well as our own development of independent equipment.

  • Material development
    I.S.T is working on the development of new polymers and diverse composite materials based on functional polyimides, fibers, metals and ceramics. Achieving leaps in technology, these are integral products exhibiting specific functions in far ranging fields from terrestrial airplanes to spacecrafts, electronic components to industrial materials.

    Development themes
    ・Functional polyimide resin
    ・Fluorine resin composite materials
    ・Various metallic materials
    ・Heat-resistant FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
    ・Nonflammable fiber
    ・Nano fiber
    ・Wool fiber, etc.

    Basic technology
    ・Polymer synthesis / Polymerization
    ・Heat treatment / Curing technologies
    ・Special composite technology, etc.
  • Special parts development
    I.S.T develops key components used in the fields of office-automation and electronic equipment. For instance, toner fixing or transfer belts, various heater parts, and polyimide film components are a few of the products developed using I.S.T's proprietary technology. Our R&D themes are primarily based on customers' needs. After consulting with customers on their current technology requirements, I.S.T then develops solutions to meet those conditions with the expertise with which our R&D staff brings to material development. In addition, based on our customers' current technology requirements, IST projects the five to ten year future developmental needs for the direction of our customers' fields of development. Subsequently, we develop and advance the creative technology necessary to meet these future R&D projections and propose it to our customers.

    Development themes
    ・Functional office automation equipment parts
    ・Next-generation fixing and transfer parts
    ・Medical-use special components
    ・Parts for electronic devices
    ・Various heater parts, etc.

    Basic technology
    ・Polymer synthesis / Polymerization
    ・Various special coating technologies
    ・Various filler dispersion technologies
    ・Tube/belt manufacturing technology
    ・Selective resin heating technology
    ・Composite technology for various materials, etc.
  • Equipment development
    To satisfy the advanced requirements of our R&D staff, it is necessary for us to develop a wide range of specialized facilities; from original tools to fully-automated 24-hour-operating lines. Therefore, I.S.T maintains consistent in house capabilities to meet all necessary stringent production requirements.

    Development themes
    ・Automated manufacturing lines
    ・Fully automatic inspection devices
    ・Reactors for resin production
    ・Various small lot production facilities
    ・Various types of experimental equipment, etc.

    Basic technology
    ・Machine design technology using 2D / 3D CAD
    ・Electric circuit design technology
    ・Specialized mold design technology
    ・Sequencer programming
    ・High-temperature furnace control technology, etc.