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  • Nursing-care support activities

To actualize as a Japanese company what we can contribute toward the imminent aging society in need of nursing care

Today Japan faces the problem of being a rapidly aging society. When baby boomers start to need nursing care in 2025, it is predicted that we will have a shortage of 380,000 care staff.
I.S.T takes it as an extremely serious social problem in Japan, and is pursuing what we can contribute to society as a Japanese company, which has led to our own CSR activities starting from January 2013.
We help our employees obtain nursing care qualifications at the company’s expense, and send them to nursing-care facilities while maintaining their contracted compensation packages. We started this approach from scratch and it has grown so successfully that we now receive messages of appreciation from nursing care facilities. We have also heard an employee with the qualifications saying, “This job is very useful for me, and also for the company in the future.” Another message from an employee who engages in nursing care, said, “I feel satisfied with jobs involving human interaction”. This approach has an influence on human resource cultivation as well.

  • Employees with nursing care qualifications
    Our employees gain qualifications for beginning nursing helpers' training, at the company's expense.
  • Sending our employees to local nursing care facilities
    We send our employees to nursing care facilities in local communities, where they engage in the nursing care of facility users.
  • Guaranteeing the contracted compensation packages by considering the employees as temporary transfers
    We regard these employees as being temporarily transferred for several years, and guarantee their contracted compensation packages remain valid during the transfer period.