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Our aim is to bring you a hearty smile and abundance of life.

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I.S.T – Industrial Summit Technology

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  • Proactive employment of the elderly

We provide workplaces for senior citizens in order to increase motivation in life.
Our factories have been thoroughly reformed so that anyone can easily engage in production.

In our I.S.T Kami factory, a major production base in Hyogo Prefecture, we have improved various jobs accompanying production into simple jobs anyone can do through production reformation, and newly adopt the elderly in the communities. Our unique approach to satisfaction in life that allows people to work on their own schedule for several hours a day motivates senior citizens to work.

  • For your wonderful second life
    We promote a project named GSL
    (Greatly Satisfying Life) under the concept of a "wonderful second life".
  • Young employees engage in production improvement activities
    Young employees conduct production improvement activities so that senior citizens can safely engage in production.
  • To enjoying leisure time
    For senior employees to fully enjoy leisure time, we have prepared a community hall on company property, which is used as a place for interacting.